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The telecom sector continues to experience significant change to the arrangement of the radio spectrum and in the regulation applied to products.   Several Key EU Directives are to be 're-cast' for example. Smaller organisations may be unable to devote the time and effort necessary to effectively contribute to the formation of these changes yet these same companies may be more directly affected than others in the telecom sector.

The consequences of having insufficient input to the policy making process or even not knowing what is going on could include: 

  • missing out on new opportunities opened by changes in the spectrum regulation or experiencing new commercial challenges if radio spectrum is to become even more difficult to access
  • becoming subject to new regulation covering products you handle or finding that processes you have in place already are inadequate to meet the new requirements. 
  • Finding that changes will fundamentally affect the services you are able to provide.

Telecom Policy Services provides support to smaller organisations for their influencing needs and assistance in conformity matters.  This includes taking the case forward to key influencers on your behalf.

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