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Professional Radiocommunications (known as Business Radio in the UK) remains the “go-to” radiocommunications choice for “Business-Critical” and/or “Mission-Critical” radiocommunications for operational use by professionals.  Certainly, when the use of radiocommunications is “Safety- Related”, there iremains little alternative.  Furthermore, in many operational circumstances, Professional Radio offers a very cost-effective alternative if the communications are not “critical”.  This is particularly so when a multi-year investment plan is considered.  This success has resulted in Business Radio featuring strongly in sectors such as: Aerospace, Airports (underwing), Banking, Biotechnology, Broadcasting, Chemicals, Construction, Defence, Distribution Logistics, Electronics, Emergency Services, Entertainment, Environmental, Events, Film-Making, Finance, Healthcare, IT sector, Lifeboats, Local Government, Manufacturing, Marine, National Government, Oil Industries, Petroleum Terminals, Pharmaceuticals, Prisons, Ports, Public Safety, Retail Stores, Retail Centres, Security, Sport, Telecoms, Transport and the Utilities to name but a few. The reasons these sectors adopt Business Radio vary from case to case.  Almost always, there is a strong, over-riding necessity underpinning the decision to adopt a BR solution.  Despite this success, there is an increasing number of challenges facing the sector, affecting both for the supply side, and the user community.  These matters are serious and because many of the applications and environments in which these systems are deployed are critical and/or safety-related, the implications of users being compelled to deploy a lesser system are potentially, also very serious.  TPS Ltd. therefore takes the view that these challenges must be met and overcome in every case. Click on UPDATED document (left) to download.
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