Supporting Industry and Users  of Business Radio in the UK
The UK Business Radio Sector remains dedicated to providing operational radiocommunictions to the user community that provide them with significant efficiency gains, improved safety and disaster recovery systems. The sector has re-invented itself over recent years and is clearly once again in a transformational period with the introduction of operational data schemes that may in the near future move into genuinely Mission-Critical paradigms.  The require high resilience solutions to meet the user requirements. Business Radio is faced with serious issues that challenge all the actors within the sector.  Many of these challenges arise from regulations that inhibit the capacity of solution providers to meet their customer needs.  Whilst these issues obviously directly affect the solution provision sector, the users have become increasingly vulnerable also. Find out more:    Telecom Policy Servies Ltd. is the only independent UK company offering contracted regulatory support services for the UK Business Radio User Community and the industry. Find out more:
Telecom Policy Services is a Micro-Company Registered in England and Wales VAT Registered
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